The Salvation of Todd Bentley


From the moment Todd Bentley began speaking to the audible voice of God, he knew big things were in store. Todd Bentley is not your typical preacher, he looks more like a professional wrestler than a man of the cloth. His youth was defined by drugs, alcohol and a conviction for sexual assault, before he discovered his gift for preaching Pentecostal Christianity. Todd honed his charismatic, in-your-face style to market himself as rock-star-faith-healer. Bentley reached the peak of his success in a 136-day, Florida-based revival attended by hundreds of thousands, amidst claims that Todd could heal the sick and raise the dead. What became known as ‘The Lakeland Revival” was still growing when Todd was forced to resign his ministry in the wake of scandal. The Salvation of Todd Bentley tells Todd’s story from his perspective, highlighted by his followers, and his critics. This is the story of a preacher you have to see to believe.